svētdiena, 2008. gada 12. oktobris

Town Preili.


Regional centre and town of Preiļi are 206 km from Riga in the Southeast area of Latvia. The region has 84 lakes and the area of the city is 5 square km. The present surrounding area of the town is one of the earliest settled places in Latvia. First time the name of Preiļi appears in the historic annuals of 1348.
A special place in the history of Preiļi belongs to the aristocratic family of Count Borch who left to the town a building complex, a romantic park and a castle. The park is one of the most significant landscaped parks in Latvia. The town’s coat of arms possibly the Borch family crest – on a golden field a black raven with its head turned to the right - symbolises wisdom, courage and power. Preiļi became a town in 1928.
Now Preiļi is not only a quiet provincial town, but also the centre of a picturesque region where the appealing traditions of Latgale’s culture, folklore and Roman Catholicism have been preserved.